About my programs...

I started putting these programs together so that I would have some "tools" that would aid me in designing pickups. These programs are free to download and use, but please do not distribute them. You may refer anyone you wish to the site. If you decide to download and use the programs you do so at your own risk. I can not be responsible for any problems they may cause to your computer.

The programs are all in the "beta" state right now... which means I am still working out the bugs, and adding to the programs. If you see anything wrong, or would like to see something added, drop me a line!

The Pickup Calculator

The first program, Pick-Up Calculator, (see fig. 1) was designed to calculate pickup resistance, and number of winds based on bobbin dimensions and wire diameter. This tool really only comes in handy when you are trying to design a custom pickup, or when you are designing something innovative. When I make pickups, resistance and the number of winds are just two of the main variables that I pay attention to. This tool helps to give me an estimate of what the pickup might be like when I build it. This program has saved me from making a few poorly designed pickups.

fig. 1 - Pick-Up Calculator
fig. 1 - Pick-Up Calculator

The Wind Counter

The second program, Counter, is simply a counter for a pickup winder, and was designed to be packaged along with the calculator (it is now separate). When I was new to pickup winding, I had some trouble locating a cheap counter for my winder. I finally deiced to make a software based counter this program is the result. (Side note: Inexpensive counters do exist. I hope to have some listed on my "Links" page.)

I have received quite a few comments on this from people who have beta tested the counter. Many people had problems getting it to work because it lacked "debounce". I have since attempted to add this functionality to the program. Besides being able to count and "de-count" the program:

The winding rate can be changed from rev/sec to rev/min or vise versa by clicking on the rate label. In order to use the counter with the pickup winder, you will have to interface with the Serial Port. The Serial Port page should tell you all you need to know about getting your winder to communicate with the program, but if you run into any problems contact me.

fig. 2 - Counter
fig. 2 - Counter

All of these files can be found on the Downloads page.

New Online version of the Calculator!!!

Ok... I have recived many many emails about problems with the downloadable pickup calcualtor. I have set out to make a version which was more compatible. I am still working on it, but I will give you a sneak peak. Take a look!

If you are too lazy to type in all that information, and you just want to see what it does take a look at the Tele Link.

Note: that the image produced is very close to 1:1 scale when you print it. Save the image by right clicking on it in most browsers.